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The Best Payroll Software in Indonesia

The Best Payroll Software in Indonesia

BSC Payroll Software programs are the leading web-based payroll software in Indonesia. Designed with flexibility and advanced features, it allows you to definitely configure various allowances and deductions using our specially engineered formula.

aplikasi payroll indonesia

- BSC Payroll Software is proven to generate accurate payroll (PPH 21) determined by Indonesia taxation.
- Automatically calculate with holding or deduction, process direct deposits, void payment and generating tax form and also other reports.
- Our Payroll Software will assure that end of year report and payslip are archived. This might be convenient that you just ever require copies in the documents at a later stage.
- Ensure that your company´┐Żs workers are paid accurately and on time. You don't to possess a thorough knowledge to complicated payroll legislation or systems as a way to manage your payroll.
- Track here we are at any employee type with highly configurable and intuitive time sheets.
- Automatic days off management with self-service request capabilities and advanced accrual rules and calculations.
- Keep overtime costs down with configurable and accurate calculations rules that improve compliance with overtime laws.
- Enjoy real-time insights with pre-delivery are convinced that can be customized with filters and groupings to obtain the exact data you'll need.

best payroll software indonesia
- Empower employees with self-service time off work request and balance with capabilities. Get email reminder and flexible workflow to accelerate and to ensure accuracy almost daily off approval process.
- Our Attendance Software programs are designed for companies with any capacity, from 10 to 10,000 employees. Readily integrated with any attendance machine, processes and generates information essental to every HR team.

Post by payrollsoftware (2016-08-11 12:30)

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